Dragon Dice D20: Old Bronze

Dice material: resing. Painted with acrylic paints. Durable finish. ONE SIZE

We created a complex unique dragon design and placed it in the classic D20 dice shape. There are 3 points on each face that provide good positioning and it will not be difficult to determine the result of the throw. This is a novelty and it was created more for aesthetic pleasure and entertainment than serious tournaments. It's not perfectly balanced, but it's pretty close to perfection and works just like a regular D20 if you're a chill player. Each piece is hand-made and hand-painted and comes in a stylish gift box.Also included is an individual stand. Dice are really durable and you can not be afraid to break it or damage it. Let it be a work of art, but they are really functional and can withstand serious loads. We are happy to bring something new to the world of DND and will be very grateful to you for your support and use of our dice.

Coating: Matt

Coatind: Gloss

Weight: 50 g

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