Anbu Voorhees: Red rivers

When I was working as a tattoo artist, I really liked the "Realistic Trash Pol'ka" tattoo style. And there are often different classes, stains, splashes of paint and ... I love it so much! I see beauty in expression, in a frozen blot that can never be copied, every time these splashes will be different. It inspires me a lot, although it sounds a little strange? . Anbu Voorhees: Black Blot ? . By the way, I'm working on a new product and a new product category here. Soon I will be ready to present it, but this will be our little secret.

Mask material: High quality resin.
Fasteners made of elastic cord and genuine leather with metal tips
Hand painted with acrylic and spray paints.
Durable lacquer protective coating resistant to abrasion.

Coating: Matt

Coatind: Gloss

Weight: 370 g

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